Innovation flourishes and economic vitality grows in ecosystems rooted in inclusivity and a culture of belonging.

CoLead offers coaching and tools to help you nurture and sustain a generative ecosystem. We do this through technical assistance, coaching, workshops + retreats.

The process we use is participatory, iterative, research and design methodologies rooted in the principles of Cohado. We provide support for you and your team as you…

  • Explore: Conduct foundational research and competitive benchmarking to gain a clear understanding of the broader landscape, ideas, and opportunities. Develop a clear understanding of priorities for innovative products, services, and practices.
  • Envision: Cultivate a compelling and collaborative vision for your initiative and actively engage representatives from critical stakeholder groups in the visioning process. 
  • Engineer: Collaboratively map the process for movement from the current context to the envisioned future state AND co-create critical metrics to monitor movement toward collective goals.
  • Evolve: Evaluate and adapt the plan and indicators as the initiative evolves. Embrace participatory processes for vetting and modifying the plan and vision.
  • Engage: Begin implementation efforts. Utilize collaboratively established measures to monitor and manage progress.
  • Elevate: Revisit the vision and accomplishments. Seek opportunities to leverage network assets while minimizing negative influences and waste.