We’re Ecosystem Builders. What is Ecosystem Building?

Ecosystems are a group of interconnected elements linked by the interaction of communities with their environment. Ecosystem building is the linking and leveraging of networks that is often referred to as Collective Impact. Ecosystem building tackles deeply entrenched and complex social problems. It is an innovative and structured approach to collaborating across sectors to achieve a fertile context for growth.

Many socially responsible organizations, businesses, and initiatives find traditional models of strategic planning insufficient to address the complexity, breadth, depth, or orientation of their goals. Why? Because most models don’t account for the unique history, culture, and context of the people and places involved, nor do they embrace the creativity required to initiate and sustain quantum leaps.

CoLead offers comprehensive guidance, tools, and supports specifically designed for mission-driven organizations and efforts. We are a collaborative that supports you and your team the development of a clear vision and movement toward a future that maximizes outcomes to all constituents–while eliminating wasted time, expenses, and energy.

Cohado forms the foundation of CoLead’s structure and work. The Cohado Process forms the flexible and adaptable structure through which action unfolds.